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  Jeely + Bleiler, LLC, Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Atlanta, GA  

Large National Retailer

Services Provided: Strategy, Buying

Media Platforms: National Network and Cable TV

Objective: Increase brand awareness, in-store revenues, and e-commerce sales through strategic flighting of media.

Results: After 2 quarters of media testing, retailer experienced double-digit growth across all product segments leading to promotions for multiple members within the marketing department of this $1 Billion brand. Media purchased was also done at rates 40% lower than prior agency.

Top National Automotive Company

Services Provided: Strategy, Buying, Research

Media Platforms: National Magazines segmented by geo-location, SEM, Online

Objective: Reach two distinct audiences through a regional paid media initiative while testing multiple forms of creative with each demo segment.

Results: Messaging and media selection led to a substantial increase in brand recognition setting up the parameters to take this regional test to a national level. Research was done through multiple avenues such as online panels, customer active/in-active email promos, in-store intercepts.

Highly Televised Political/Social Awareness Initiative

Services Provided: Strategy, Buying

Media Platforms: National Radio, Television, Outdoor, Online

Objective: Reach multicultural audience and promote the education/awareness of the risks associated with an upcoming controversial political decision.

Results: Messaging and media was highly successful in driving nationwide response, urging politicians to fight the status quo and ultimately gaining the desired results. Messaging was segmented by geographical and ethnic parameters.

International Healthcare Company

Services Provided: Strategy, Buying, Research

Media Platforms: Local and Satellite Radio, Online Radio, National Magazines

Objective: Raise nationwide awareness of children's vaccinations through messaging aimed at their parents.

Results: Implemented a multi-platform media initiative targeting a very defined audience segment through traditional and progressive media platforms. Research proved that national awareness increased by double-digit percentages.

State Dept of Education

Services Provided: Strategy, Buying, Research

Media Platforms: Local and National Newspaper/Magazines, Online, Social, Grassroots

Objective: Recruit a diverse selection of top teachers from both in and out of state to teach in growing districts.

Results: Strategic media team is responsible for driving a substantial increase in qualified teacher enrollment, strengthening the department nationally and enabling children to reap the benefits of improved schooling. Media costs were saved through grassroots efforts and dedication to finding new, low-cost online solutions.