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Television Media Buying — What’s an Advertiser to do? +

Despite the irrefutable magnification of digital media in recent years, most big brands are still in the end-game of discovering their most lucrative media mix. And since relying solely on digital is not in the cards for many B-to-C and B-to-B brands, that mix often includes TV. In fact, TV is still devotedly sought after in the advertising world. The problem for many brands is that although they want to see their commercials air on national television, they just don’t have the budget.

The good news is that television media buying (even at the national level) is not an “all or nothing” endeavor…

Rather than getting bummed because broadcast TV (meaning, one of the four major networks) isn’t in your budget, consider how you can use cable to your advantage. Buying cable allows for brands to cast a more focused and targeted net. For many who have already utilized the platform, they find this hyper-targeted approach to their audience extremely beneficial to the end ROI. Today, niche networks like The Food Network, BET, The Golf Channel, The Style Network (and many more) allow brands to target their messages at even more of a granular level than before (psychographically, etc) which only lends to more advertising and unique engagement opportunities.

Of course, the “right” TV marketing strategy is different for every brand so do not simply copy the techniques used by your fellow AMA friend’s brand.  Their goals are likely very different than yours. In working with your media planning and/or media buying agencies, it is important to always consider both the pros and cons of broadcast versus cable.  As these two broadcast platforms emerge, the opportunities for each may surpass your wildest imagination.

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