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The Old School Ad Agency May Benefit from New School Writing +

I grew up during the birth of instant messaging. For me, it was pretty much the coolest thing since…ever, probably because it took both the awkwardness and the tedious nature out of written communication. Looking back, I can even remember the first time I saw the letters “LOL” appear on the screen. The phrase really took off, and we all used it like it was going out of style, except it never really did.

And it didn’t stop there. Soon I realized that people were abbreviating just about everything, even hacking away at words that were already short in their natural form. I mean, are we so engaged in communication that the ‘h’ in ‘what’ is justifiably disposable in any circumstance? Wat is that about?…

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What Top Marketing Companies Should Know about the Pin-Crazed Demographic +

What is arguably the greatest thing about social media, both on a personal and business-related basis, is that it provides all users with an equally blank slate to craft an online identity, and what is an identity if not a collection of interests? Enter Pinterest, the overnight social photo sharing phenomenon that has given single women everywhere an excuse to browse wedding dresses, a way to devour endless cupcake recipes without ever having to preheat the oven, a means of learning a quick DIY trick for hemming jeans (which you can look at on your iPhone en route to the tailor.) In all seriousness though, Pinterest is genius. It has given us a way to visually curate, catalog and share everything we like, and it has undeniably become a satisfying pastime for 11.1 million visitors.

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