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When you read as many blogs as I do, it becomes necessary to wrap them all up into a tidy little aggregated space. Who has time to actively seek out news these days? Nope, I need my news to seek me out (Big shout out to Google reader for making this a reality). Occasionally though, when I’m feeling adventurous or I get bored with the interface, I’ll venture out to the sites themselves. Seeing the words in their individual aesthetic element makes me a happy girl (which is why I still prefer actual books over reading on the screen of a Kindle/iPad/any other device, but that’s another story – no pun intended).

Last night I was perusing one of my favorite “non-advertising” blogs, when I found myself in the FAQ section, hoping that other readers were also curious as to where to buy those iron on curtain hemming strips. I know, I know… it’s not an industry blog, but I promise this has to do with advertising in some form. I’m getting there.

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