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5 Mistakes Made by Seasoned Marketing Agencies +

Let’s face it: Nobody’s perfect. As marketing professionals, we like to think that we’re experts in our field and that we’re one step ahead of the changing landscape, but the truth is, human nature is to fall into routine and get comfortable. Pride can be a devastating roadblock that prevents us from correcting and fine-tuning our marketing presence. Sometimes it takes an outside nudge to rid ourselves of a bad habit, or make us aware we even have one in the first place.

The good news is, it’s never too late to shake a bad habit. No one can fault you for brushing up on basic best practices (which we all know can be clouded by an at times hectic and demanding career). Here are some examples of marketing mistakes which demonstrate that a little awareness sometimes goes a long way.

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3 Ways Ad Agencies and their Brands Could Learn from Domino’s +

If you think I’m talking about the game everyone used to play with their Great Aunt, stop reading. This blog is about brands, and the marketing strategies they use to cultivate and maintain success. One of the easiest ways to measure a brand’s success is to consider their impact, and would our lives really have been the same without pizza delivery?

A certain global pizza delivery brand called Domino’s basically pioneered the biz, but more importantly, they have recently found a way to facilitate customer loyalty and brand equity as advertising and commerce rapidly evolve…

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