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When you read as many blogs as I do, it becomes necessary to wrap them all up into a tidy little aggregated space. Who has time to actively seek out news these days? Nope, I need my news to seek me out (Big shout out to Google reader for making this a reality). Occasionally though, when I’m feeling adventurous or I get bored with the interface, I’ll venture out to the sites themselves. Seeing the words in their individual aesthetic element makes me a happy girl (which is why I still prefer actual books over reading on the screen of a Kindle/iPad/any other device, but that’s another story – no pun intended).

Last night I was perusing one of my favorite “non-advertising” blogs, when I found myself in the FAQ section, hoping that other readers were also curious as to where to buy those iron on curtain hemming strips. I know, I know… it’s not an industry blog, but I promise this has to do with advertising in some form. I’m getting there.

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Siri-ously, Has This Ad Gone Too Far? +

I’ve been hearing a lot of negative comments surrounding the ads that enlisted Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson to portray the personal assistant-esque powers of Siri, a voice recognition software that  “helps you get stuff done,” according to Apple.

Keep in mind that the brainiacs at Apple probably didn’t pick Sam and Zooey’s names out of a hat. They could have gone with Duchess Kate or Lady GaGa or, I don’t know, any of the Kardashian girls. But they didn’t. They chose two people who actually seem marginally relatable; especially when you put them in pajamas or in their own kitchen as they are in these commercials…

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3 Ways Ad Agencies and their Brands Could Learn from Domino’s +

If you think I’m talking about the game everyone used to play with their Great Aunt, stop reading. This blog is about brands, and the marketing strategies they use to cultivate and maintain success. One of the easiest ways to measure a brand’s success is to consider their impact, and would our lives really have been the same without pizza delivery?

A certain global pizza delivery brand called Domino’s basically pioneered the biz, but more importantly, they have recently found a way to facilitate customer loyalty and brand equity as advertising and commerce rapidly evolve…

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The Old School Ad Agency May Benefit from New School Writing +

I grew up during the birth of instant messaging. For me, it was pretty much the coolest thing since…ever, probably because it took both the awkwardness and the tedious nature out of written communication. Looking back, I can even remember the first time I saw the letters “LOL” appear on the screen. The phrase really took off, and we all used it like it was going out of style, except it never really did.

And it didn’t stop there. Soon I realized that people were abbreviating just about everything, even hacking away at words that were already short in their natural form. I mean, are we so engaged in communication that the ‘h’ in ‘what’ is justifiably disposable in any circumstance? Wat is that about?…

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How Marketing Agencies Can Help Brands Capitalize on our Mid-Workday Slump +

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an office job? One that involves a computer, a desk, and likely a roll-y chair?

If you’re one of the select few that haven’t experienced one, it goes a little something like this: It’s 2:03 (and by the way, we know that because our eyes have been darting back and forth from whatever we’re supposed to be doing to the tiny digital clock in the corner of the screen for what feels like an eternity). 2:03 means enough time has passed that the morning coffee buzz has worn off, the office walls are starting to absorb all the oxygen in the room, there’s no more food to look forward to (which is the worst part in my opinion), and yet the end of the workday is nowhere in sight.  They say it’s 5:00 somewhere, but that somewhere is not here and let’s face it, that’s really all that matters unless you’re Jimmy Buffett…

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