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Media/Marketing: It’s All GRP’s to Me +

Most of us have experienced the death of a favorite show at some point in our lives, and most of the time it’s due to network cancellations. The harsh reality is that no matter how much we love our shows, advertising dollars are needed to keep them on air.

How do advertisers decide whether or not to spend their dollars (and how much) during a particular program? If you’re in the business, you already know the answer: Ratings. Just as swiftly as they can make or break our favorite shows, they can determine the structure of an advertiser’s marketing and media schedule as well.

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Television Media Buying — What’s an Advertiser to do? +

Despite the irrefutable magnification of digital media in recent years, most big brands are still in the end-game of discovering their most lucrative media mix. And since relying solely on digital is not in the cards for many B-to-C and B-to-B brands, that mix often includes TV. In fact, TV is still devotedly sought after in the advertising world. The problem for many brands is that although they want to see their commercials air on national television, they just don’t have the budget.

The good news is that television media buying (even at the national level) is not an “all or nothing” endeavor…

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Siri-ously, Has This Ad Gone Too Far? +

I’ve been hearing a lot of negative comments surrounding the ads that enlisted Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson to portray the personal assistant-esque powers of Siri, a voice recognition software that  “helps you get stuff done,” according to Apple.

Keep in mind that the brainiacs at Apple probably didn’t pick Sam and Zooey’s names out of a hat. They could have gone with Duchess Kate or Lady GaGa or, I don’t know, any of the Kardashian girls. But they didn’t. They chose two people who actually seem marginally relatable; especially when you put them in pajamas or in their own kitchen as they are in these commercials…

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The Old School Ad Agency May Benefit from New School Writing +

I grew up during the birth of instant messaging. For me, it was pretty much the coolest thing since…ever, probably because it took both the awkwardness and the tedious nature out of written communication. Looking back, I can even remember the first time I saw the letters “LOL” appear on the screen. The phrase really took off, and we all used it like it was going out of style, except it never really did.

And it didn’t stop there. Soon I realized that people were abbreviating just about everything, even hacking away at words that were already short in their natural form. I mean, are we so engaged in communication that the ‘h’ in ‘what’ is justifiably disposable in any circumstance? Wat is that about?…

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Is It “Time” for Advertisers to Reinvent the Commercial? +

It’s official.

According to a recent study from eMarketer, we can expect online ad spending to trump TV from here on out. While this historical first may seem like a bummer to those of us who treasure the art of the television commercial, the inevitable growth of online advertising does not necessarily mean it’s a dying art. In fact, eMarketers’ study shows TV coming out of the ad battle alive and resolute.

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